3 Challenges in the Events Industry for 2017

events industry

The new year brings with it two things: a renewed drive and a preoccupation for what is yet to come. The events industry is no exception and event managers may want to adapt a more effective online event management system. If you are an event professional and you’d like to know about possible roadblocks along the line, here are three challenges that you may relate to:

  1. Focusing on experience-based event planning.

Event professionals are veering away from content-based events and are trying to focus on the experience of attendees. An experiential-based approach has been proven to keep attendees highly satisfied since it is where they feel most engaged. Getting great speakers and choosing an interesting theme for the event no longer suffices; attendees want to feel like they are part of the dialogue and would want to participate in activities where their insights and thoughts can be shared.

  1. Allocating enough budgets for events and associated technology.

It is known that budgeting is one of the most challenging aspects in event planning. In 2016, this is one of the most cited roadblocks by event professionals. Companies still do not see the merits of allocating enough budget for events – especially if they are working on a limited budget. A year later, this may still be the biggest problem for event professionals, especially for those who would like to invest in event technologies. The lesser budget there is, the less likely it is to add tools and resources to ensure the success of events.

  1. Providing networking opportunities to attendees.

Lastly, one of the challenges that event professionals should consider is providing enough networking opportunities to attendees. The ability to network with other people is one of the biggest selling points for some events. It makes sense that attendees would disregard an event altogether if they do not see any opportunity for them to meet their personal goals. Many event managers still do not concede to this point and this may create a barrage of problems. The more you give attendees what they want, the more they’d feel fulfilled at the end of your event.

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