3 Key Features of an Event App

event app

The event app is no longer reserved for big players in the events industry. Today, small to medium-sized corporations can already reap the benefits of this type of mobile application at very affordable rates. Knowing that this type of technology exists is one thing; finding out about its full capabilities is another. Today, many event managers are beginning to understand the different benefits of the event app. It acts like an offshoot product of another event technology called the conference management software.

Here are three key features that you may find interesting for all your future events:

  1. Social media based activity feed

There’s no denying that social media is one of the most phenomenal inventions of the 21st century. Almost everyone who are connected to the internet own at least one account in any social media platform. It is therefore natural that app developers are trying to optimise a solution that is integrated to social media. The most common social media features for an event app are direct photo uploads to Twitter and Instagram and an activity wall where posts containing the event hashtag are seen.

  1. In-app messaging

In-app messaging acts as a networking component to the event app. Since the application commonly shares the same database as the registration software, confirmed attendees will be able to see who else are coming to the event through the app. Once they click on individual user profiles, they will have the option to send messages. This can be an advantageous feature for professional and business conferences where attendees would want to network with other attendees.

  1. Q&A and Polling

Last but not the least, attendee engagement is one of the key features of an event app. There are some app components that are meant to engage the attendees during the event. Q&A and polling are two of the most common activities that can be employed by using the mobile application. Q&A can be reserved for attendees who would want to ask a question to speakers or to anyone from the crowd. Through the app, they can simply log the questions which can then be projected to a large screen. On the other hand, polling acts as a helpful tool when speakers would want to generate data from the attendees in real time.

If you think this type of technology may help you improve the quality of your events, read more about the event management app.